Liam Mac Cóil
Books by Liam Mac Cóil:
An Litir
Liam Mac Cóil - Earrach 2015
Alex Hijmans, Liam Mac Cóil, Seosamh Mac Grianna, Antain Mac Lochlainn, C.S. Lewis, Joe Steve Ó Neachtain, Seán Ó Ríordáin

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An Dochtúir Áthas
Liam Mac Cóil

One of the few full-length examples of the modern experimental novel in Irish. Its theme is the hero’s relationship with his psychiatrist. Or does that statement itself go too far?

I dTír Strainséartha
Liam Mac Cóil

THE SECOND BOOK IN THE ‘LÚCÁS Ó BRIAIN’ SERIES (An Litir). The Atlantic port of Galway 1612, Lucás, a young student and a gifted swordsman, is entrusted by a shady Jesuit priest with an important letter to be delivered into the hands of Aodh Mór Ó Néill, Earl of Tyrone (leader of the Irish chieftains in Rome seeking the help of Philip of Spain to retake Ireland from the English) . Lúcás’s mission will take him on a perilous journey across Europe. Following hot on his heels, in the narrow streets of the city, is the enemy’s most devious and brutal spy - with orders to stop him, at all costs.

The second of a trilogy of novels that will traverse Europe on the company of Lúcás Ó Briain in the early years of the 16th Century hAoise, with the enemy snapping at our heels.