The project is run by Gaelchultúr Teoranta ( The company was established in 2004 with the aim of promoting the Irish language and various aspects of Irish culture, including music, song and dance, in Dublin and around the country. aims to encourage people in Ireland and abroad to read Irish language books. Individuals can become members of this online book club but we also want to encourage the members to meet once a month in various locations around Ireland to discuss the work that will be the book of the month. There is no membership fee.

It only takes a minute to register for the club and there’s no membership fee.

A new book is chosen each month and club members have an opportunity to discuss this book in the website’s forum. Members have access to English translations of the most difficult words and phrases in the books being discussed, which makes reading them a lot easier.

It’s our policy to avoid books that are too difficult or academic. The focus is on novels and short-story collections for the most part, but books from other genres (poetry and travel books, for example) are discussed from time to time. There is a mix of newly-published books and classics that are still in print.

If you would like a book in Irish that you’ve enjoyed to be book of the month on this site, please contact us!

There is a list available on of the Irish language book clubs already functioning in Ireland and Gaelchultúr hopes that this online project will encourage people to start new clubs, not only in Ireland but in countries such as the United States and Australia where Irish speakers are actively involved in promoting the language. Gaelchultúr provides advice and support in the Start a Club section of this site to those interested in establishing their own book club.

The books discussed on can be bought at On that site, you can buy one book or a bundle of the books being discussed in each series. is supported by Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge (Foras na Gaeilge) and by the Arts Council.

For further information please contact:

Michelle Seoighe, Gaelchultúr

Phone: (01) 484 5220.