Book of the Month - February 2012

The comprehensive bilingual compilation of Irish language love poetry from the early ages to the modern age, Filíocht Ghrá na Gaeilge is the book of the month for February on
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Filíocht Ghrá na Gaeilge
Filíocht Ghrá na Gaeilge
ISBN 978-1-901176-86-5
Publisher: Cois Life - Book of the Month, February 2012

A comprehensive collection which traces love poetry in Irish from the earliest times to the modern day. This is a wonderful insight into the passion and the strength of love. Every aspect of love is discussed in these poems and songs - the joy of young love; the humour and the fun of love; loneliness and heartbreak; desire and unrequited love; and love turned into hatred.

The sensitive power of the poets themselves is to the forefront as they celebrate the complexities of love. Ciarán Mac Murchaidh notes the literary context in which these special poems were written and gives new meaning to classical texts for a new readership. Beautifully illustrated by Anna Nielsen.