CJ Fallon



Books published by CJ Fallon:
A Thig Ná Tit Orm
Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé

ClubLeabhar.com - Book of the Month, February 2011

Full of stories from his life, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s, musician Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé’s entertaining memoir provides insights into both his own life and the times in general. Maidhc, like many others, emigrated, first to London to work for a year and then to Chicago in the United States where he spent 10 years. He married his wife Caitlín in Chicago and his first two children were born there. Wanting to rear their children in Ireland, they returned to Carrachán in 1969 and Maidhc says it was the best decision he ever made.

A Thig Ná Tit Orm is prescribed for the Leaving Certificate Irish course.